How to best use ChatGPT and other AI services, safely!

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Jett Jackson - Director of Software Development

Published Tuesday, May 16, 2023.
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The advent of ChatGPT has brought about a revolution in customer-business interactions, transforming the way companies operate and accomplish tasks. It has become indispensable for teams, who now utilize it across various domains, such as drafting emails or brainstorming creative product names.

A trend we’re noticing here at Lumity is that encountering ChatGPT online is nearly unavoidable. Both Bing and Google are utilizing this sophisticated AI language model, and it’s likely to become increasingly prevalent in the everyday tools you rely on, both for business and personal purposes.

The tool’s ability to provide personalized and timely responses is undeniably captivating. However, integrating ChatGPT into your business operations demands thoughtful deliberation. It is crucial to avoid potential issues stemming from employees using the tool irresponsibly.

This article delves into the optimal strategies for implementing ChatGPT effectively within your organization.

AI/ChatGPT best practices

AI Weaknesses

This technology is still in its early stages, and it is prone to making errors. When using ChatGPT for the first time, a warning about this is displayed. It is important not to solely rely on the provided responses without human review and editing.

While it is capable of generating an employee device use policy upon request, it’s possible that the automatically generated policy may contain inaccuracies. Consider it as a starting point or a prompt, but not a substitute for content generated by humans.

Another limitation is the potential for bias. As the engine learns from vast amounts of data, it may develop certain undesirable patterns. Consequently, ChatGPT could provide biased or alarming responses. It’s crucial to recognize that, in human terms, the tool is still in its early stages and requires supervision, much like a toddler.

Determine AI’s Role in your Business

Prior to incorporating ChatGPT into your business, it is crucial to establish its designated role. This role can encompass a wide range of functions, from addressing customer inquiries to generating innovative ideas for new products.

Defining the specific role of ChatGPT not only allows you to harness its capabilities effectively but also enables you to establish necessary boundaries. Given that the technology is still relatively new, it is important to avoid indiscriminate use by employees.

By determining the specific tasks that are authorized for ChatGPT usage and those that are not, you empower your team to utilize the tool in the most suitable areas while preventing any potential misuse.

Think about your privacy!

Maintaining privacy is an essential consideration for any business, and ChatGPT should be no exception. When integrating this tool into your operations, it is crucial to prioritize customer privacy. Notably, in March, Italy imposed a ban on ChatGPT due to concerns surrounding data privacy.

It is important to be mindful of any potential exposure of employee or customer data to ChatGPT and take steps to limit the risk of data leakage. For instance, you can configure ChatGPT to cease collecting customer data once it reaches a specific threshold. This helps safeguard sensitive information and protects individuals’ privacy.

Always ensure AI is Human-monitored

While ChatGPT is indeed a powerful tool, it should not be regarded as a replacement for human interaction. Maintaining human oversight is vital to ensure the relevance and accuracy of the tool’s output. Human intervention can effectively prevent inappropriate responses that may have adverse effects on your business.

By having human oversight in place, you can mitigate the risk of potentially harmful or misleading information being conveyed. This allows for a better balance between the capabilities of ChatGPT and the expertise and judgment of human interaction, resulting in a more reliable and responsible use of the tool.

Improve your Customer Service with AI

Incorporating ChatGPT into your customer service channels can bring significant advantages to your customers. It has the potential to enhance their overall experience while simultaneously reducing your team’s workload. You can seamlessly integrate ChatGPT into various platforms such as your website, social media, and other support channels, enabling it to provide real-time responses to customer queries. However, it is crucial to emphasize that human oversight is necessary to monitor ChatGPT and its responses.

By leveraging ChatGPT intelligently, you can effectively minimize customer waiting time and enhance their overall experience with your business. The combination of automated assistance and human supervision creates a balanced approach that maximizes the benefits of ChatGPT while ensuring the quality and accuracy of customer interactions.

Use analytics to track AI performance

Evaluating the performance of ChatGPT is essential to ensure its effectiveness and value in your business operations. Measurement can be done by analyzing various metrics such as customer satisfaction, response time, and the number of responses successfully handled by ChatGPT.

Additionally, it’s important to assess productivity statistics to determine if using ChatGPT to draft customer email frameworks is indeed saving time, or if the editing process by your team is consuming a similar amount of time.

Based on the gathered data and analysis, you can identify areas where ChatGPT can be optimized to enhance its performance. This optimization process helps ChatGPT become an even more valuable and reliable support tool for your business, ensuring improved efficiency and customer support.

Maintain AI-use transparency

Transparency is key when using ChatGPT for email responses or any other purpose. Your customers will value and appreciate your honesty. It is advisable to clearly communicate your usage of AI technology in your policies. For instance, you can include a statement such as:

“We utilize AI technology for specific content, and we always review, edit, and fact-check its outputs."

Given the current ambiguity surrounding the use of AI-generated content, responsible companies should inform their customers about the precise areas and manner in which they leverage such technology. By being transparent about your use of ChatGPT and AI, you foster trust and demonstrate your commitment to responsible and accountable practices.

Want to leverage AI to streamline your business?

Integrating ChatGPT into your business requires careful consideration, as this AI-powered tool is still in its infancy. It offers excellent potential, but it’s essential to ensure its effectiveness and security. Thorough evaluation of its performance, reliability, and impact on your specific business needs is necessary, along with prioritizing data security and privacy. By approaching the integration process thoughtfully, conducting thorough testing, seeking expert guidance if needed, and implementing robust security measures, you can leverage the power of ChatGPT while mitigating potential risks.

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