Our Mission Statement

Lumity’s mission is a simple one: to provide premium tier, complete IT solutions at an affordable cost. At Lumity, we want to give our clients a mix of unparalleled customer service bundled with our years of IT expertise and experience.

We’re about listening to our customers and providing solutions for your business, rather than the typical non-commital responses that other managed service providers tend to give.

"Your success is Lumity’s success, and as you grow, so do we. Technology doesn’t need to be expensive or frustrating."

It is our personal goal to change the way you think about Information Technology.

Lumity is no catches, no gimmicks; just experience and best practices that we’ve honed over the years to make our services work for your business needs.

Who We Are

Lumity was founded out of a love for technology and a dissatisfaction with what existed. Our staff come from various fields and are truly passionate about IT. We pursue IT as more than just a career, taking great pride in all we do. We feel that by taking this pride in our work and presenting a diverse set of skills, we set ourselves apart.

We aim to provide more than just IT services, we hope to take your goals as a business and tailor custom solutions to fit.

The Lumity team is a tight knit group, with a strong policy that nobody has to work alone. It’s this approach to the work space that enables us at Lumity to deliver the best solutions to our clients, time and time again.

We’re proud of our team, and even more proud of the services we deliver.