The Potential of Managed Internet

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Jett Jackson - Director of Software Development

Published Thursday, October 22, 2020.

What is it?

Managed Internet is a powerful tool for reducing costs while also increasing security, especially in an environment where your staff are spread across multiple offices.

By connecting your office’s internet directly into Lumity’s secure environment you get all the benefits of an on-premise firewall and redundant servers, located in a secure environment without the cost.


There are several benefits from this system, so we’ve broken them down into our core areas, the CIA principles.


Cybersecurity is key in any business, but it’s often a headache to lock down your office environment. By switching to Managed Internet you can instantly lock down your environment from external threats, by leveraging our DDoS mitigation and firewall services. We can also securely hold any data required, locking it down in an access controlled environment and ensuring that only your employees can access it when needed.


Our data centre environment is fully redundant, powered by multiple power grids, internet connections and sets of hardware. We also securely back up all data offsite to ensure that even in a catastrophic event your data will be protected.


In the event that your office loses power, or worse, hosting your data offsite your business won’t skip a beat as we securely and smoothly transition you to VPN access from an alternate site or 4G backup. Our data centre environment is designed to provide secure access as needed from anywhere in the world. With our partner CloudFlare we can organise access through CloudFlare One which allows for secure identity management to web based portals that would normally be impossible to expose to the internet.

While this all sounds quite expensive, it will most likely reduce your cost, as Lumity handles these challenges at scale we can pass the savings back down to our customers.

How does it work?

We’ve partnered with Aussie Broadband to deliver high speed internet connections to our customers. By partnering at the ISP level we can deploy features that a typical Managed Service Provider would be unable to deliver.

When deploying a Managed Internet connection, we use Aussie Broadband’s secure infrastructure to pass the connection directly into our data centre environment, without touching the public internet.

If this services seems like the edge your business has been missing, reach out to us at 1800 LUMITY.